What we do?

Our service is accurate, reliable, intelligent and fast giving lenders the peace of mind they need to make funding decisions quickly without the need to commit to a long term contract.

Business Lending
Morgage Lending
Retail Financing
Payday Lending
Personal and Business Finance

Verify My Banks Was Created with lenders in mind

Our mission is to provide our customers with peace of mind

by providing them with the tools needed to verify borrowers identity, account balance(s), account trends, transaction history and more in real-time with no commitment necessary.

Created for lenders, by lenders

Verify My Banks gets right what others get wrong. Our technology puts price, reliability, and functionality at the forefront making lending that much more simple, cost effective and reliable for all who work with us.
Unparalleled Security
and Reliable Technology


Business Lending

128 Bit

Morgage Lending
Verify My Banks is Simple Easy and Secure

Works in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Login and Create a Request

Step 2

Click the URL and login to bank site

Step 3

Lender receives “read only” bank verification

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